Thursday, August 26, 2010

Aww Yeah, Here It Is

Here it is! New PR Clean & Jerk. #265! A BIG thanks to Elliot Schrock for putting this video together and just taking the time to do it. I know he's a busy guy, so thank you brother.

Zach Thiel from CrossFit Central on Vimeo.

Refer to the bottom of my Liberation blog post for some background info and pics that Ingrid took of the first PR. My goal is a #300 clean and with this new Clean & Jerk PR I now have a new goal for it. #275! We will see what happens.

Feel free to criticize and coach me up so I can reach my new goal sooner rather than later.

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Roland Lance Cantu said...

That's freakin Awesome Zach! that looked hella-easy too. Add some weight! You don't find your max til you fail son...thought yo knew

Dan said...


Shane Gibson said...

Honestly, looks pretty good. Some minor things I noticed: you didn't get the bar all the way into your hips, you were close and you kept from bending the elbows too early but you really need to focus on finishing that pull all the way into hips before you start getting under the bar. In other words, you started closing the hip joint a split second too soon and you gave up some of that power the hip could have generated. On the jerk, try focusing on getting in and out of the bottom of the dip quicker, it's got to be fast and violent in that turn around so you can really make the bar pop and create more momentum. Also, when you land in the bottom of the jerk, take a moment to get control of the load before you attempt the step in, don't rush it. And be sure to step in with the back foot first. Great job and congrats on the PR!

Lion Heart said...

big time Zachy! i was a witness!

and like Lance said "Add some weight! You don't find your max til you fail son"

Zachary Thiel said...

Thanks for the input and coaching tips. Hey, we had our meeting coming up and I was gassed. Not to mention that was my second attempt at the lift.