Wednesday, October 22, 2008


Susannah who attends my 5:30AM crossfit class has had tremendous success with crossfit!! She follows the zone diet, uses Advocare supplements, takes advantage of all the free programs crossfit central offers to our clients and works her tail off!! I am so proud of her and I'm glad to be apart of her life and a small part of her success. Way to go Susannah!!
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Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Time To Get Lean With Lean Turkey

That time of the year has come when we have party's to go to and lots of good food is around. Well Crossfit Central has come up with a way to combat that, with the Lean Turkey. What is it? Well, we have selected a group of current clients to compete on November 22 against the other coaches and there team for some wonderful prizes. We as coaches will encourage our teams to eat right workout hard and conduct some special workouts together to repair for the BIG competition. This is a way to encourage everyone to stay disciplined and have a goal to work towards during this crazy and hectic time, and hopefully look like Big Mike over to the left. Oh yea I can't wait!!
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