Friday, October 28, 2011

To Bump or Not to Bump

Many a discussion's have been had concerning making contact with the hip's during the explosive portion of the second pull of the snatch and clean. I for one do it myself and teach my athletes to do it as well. If done with control it will help you effectively and powerfully propel the bar upward. BUT! you will see people bang the bar causing it to loop way out in front or you may see people just simply brush the bar across the body. I pick the bump, nicely placed right in between. But this is how I was taught and what I share with my athletes. It's not all the same for everyone.
I want to share an article from Greg Everett of Catalyst Athletics who gives his opinion. You can make up your mind for yourself or defer to your coach. Either way its a good read so I hope you enjoy.

Some topics seem to generate more heat than others, and for some reason, the question of how a barbell should come into contact with the body during the snatch and clean seems to get some people extraordinarily wound up. I personally don't lose any sleep over how anyone else lifts or teaches the lifts. I may agree or disagree, but I don't let it upset me to much. The following will undoubtedly further upset the same people who are already upset. Continue reading.....