Monday, August 23, 2010


*To set free, as from oppression, confinement, or foreign control
*Liberation, the freeing of a place from a tyrannic regime.

This past week my brother Jeremy asked us coaches to come up with a mission statement or a sentence that told our purpose. Over the week I thought long and hard and came up with a word: Liberator
I had to separate myself from my coaching at the gym and all of our athletes and think of the big picture. Why was I put on this earth, what is my purpose given to me by the Creator.
It's no coincidence to me that I am here on this earth at this time in history. Not that I am the next Jesus Christ or anything, but people are hungry for knowledge and know that something is amiss. All my life I knew that I was going to be a leader of something and I believe that I am at the place I am supposed to be. More than ever people want to be liberated from lethargic boring lives. People were created to be free. Free from an inactive lifestyle, a mundane boring office job, from poisonous processed foods, and free from the television set's that decay and destroy the mind. Crossfit's the instrument, you are the player and I'm the drum major.
Not only am I here to help liberate you from your bondage, but I am fighting to lift chains off my own back. To me this goes way further that crossfit. I know some of you probably wonder why I post political articles at the bottom of my blog, and some who read them may think, man this guy's into weired stuff. I just want you to think outside the box. To liberate yourself from the mainstream and think maybe there is a different truth out there. I find myself seeking the truth all the time in all kinds of different places and I just happen to share them with all of you. I would like to think this blog is a place for you all to get a glimpse of my life from out side Crossfit Central and on a personal level. I can be brash, rude and obnoxious sometimes and from what I understand I have earned a interesting reputation from a lot of the athletes in the gym. Some of these things are what hold me back from becoming a level 10 coach and I MUST LIBERATE MYSELF from them! I am open to all and any opinions on how to do that.

And now on to some fitness!
This past Friday I needed to work on some Oly lifts and when for some heavy Clean & Jerks.
3x1 90% of my max lift
Which happen to be #255 at the time, so my three lifts where #230

After knocking thous three lifts out I thought hey let's go for a PR!
And I just happened to have my camera on hand.

So I loaded #260 on the bar and here are the results.

Not to shabby I thought. Then Elliot Schrock walked in and happened to ask me what I was doing and I let him know with a smile on my face that I just set a new C&J PR. He asked if I would like for him to shoot some video of me doing it again and I happily obliged him. But to make it interesting I added a little more weight to the bar and thought why not #265. Video footage coming soon.
I hope you boy's and girls are enjoying the new blog and look for more tabs at the top to be coming soon. I want to be at that level 10 coaching scale and all of your input will help me get there faster so don't be shy!

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Anonymous said...

video will be up for you tomorrow my friend.

Zachary Thiel said...

Thanks Elliot!

Roland Lance Cantu said...

Congrats bro! That's awesome! What was the final results, a new PR of #265?

Zachary Thiel said...

Gotta wait for the vid bro. Coming soon......Elliot? Thanks by the way.