Personal Training

"Over the past year I have grown as a coach and my knowledge of different training styles has vastly improved. Some of you may say that we aren't really even crossfiting. I don't time my athletes so we aren't really keeping score. I just simply write a list of exercises that promote power and skill and tell them to have at it. I let them rest when they need and don't expect them to go 150 miles an hour but because of their CrossFit back ground they now how to push it. And we are seeing great results! New PR's, new pant sizes and goals met. I am grateful that I have a group of willing athletes that let me absolutely obliterate them. IF you like what you see, IF you are looking for a new experience with your training contact me. I love seeing people exceed their expectations and blow their own minds with their gains. I would love to help." -Zachary 

I am available for 1 on 1 or 3 on 1 Personal Training. Contact me at or at (806) 441-4115 to talk about what your schedule looks like.

Along with PT I also offer:

Body Assessment - $75

Meet for 1 hour private session. During this time you will have your measurements and body fat taken as well as a weigh in. You will also spend time setting your fitness goals as well as how to achieve these goals.

With this Private Session You Will Receive:
Body Measurements
Body Fat Testing
Weigh In
Goal Setting & Goal Assessment
Set your Goal Timeline & How You will achieve your Goals
Paleo/Zone Introduction

Paleo/Zone Meeting - $75
 The Paleo/Zone Meeting is great for anyone who would like to know more about the Paleo/Zone way of eating, has any questions about how to correctly follow the diet, or would like to know how to quickly see results in CrossFit Central programs. 
You will receive:
Zone Body Assessment
Zone Shopping List
Learn How to Zone while dining out, how to cook, and how to shop the Zone
1 Week Zone Food Log Assessment and follow