Monday, August 16, 2010

Knowledge Is A Good Thing

The cert. crew sweating it up post WOD.

So this past weekend, several other of the Central coaches and I had the privilege to attend a Crossfit Football Certification. Hands down without a doubt it was the best certification that I have ever attended. The knowledge of Head Coach John Welbourn and the other coaches assisting him with the cert. were by far the most experienced and informed coaches I have ever been around.

Myself and John Welbourn

Not only have these guys been around a plethora of crossfiters but they are sought out and recruited for their training experience by professional athletes from NFL Football, professional track, and professional swimmers alike. If you didn' t know, John Welbourn was a pro football player for 9 years with the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs. He participated in the 08 Crossfit Games and owns Crossfit Balboa in Newport Beach, California. I had the privilege of spending some time with John and picking is brain about his life in the NFL and coaching the football certs. He is top notch and has been around some of the most sought after doctors, nutritionist and trainers out there. Basically his life would be a wet dream for any crossfiter out there!

Coach Raphael Ruiz putting us through killer stretches

One of John's crew was Raphael Ruiz who owns 1441 S&C in Tampa, Florida. The wealth of experience and programing that he brings to the table is second to none. The insane stretching and warm ups this guy brought to the table was absolutely crazy and painful. He has worked with guys coming out of college prepping for the NFL combine and pro soccer players associated with MLS.
Let me just sum it up like this, this was the most legit experienced group of coaches I believe I have ever been around. I feel lucky to have been pushed, shouted at and taught by this group of people. I will take what I learned from these guys and implement it into my programing for you guys. Over the past year the wealth of knowledge that I have gained through the certs. that I have been through and implemented into my small group training and my Oly/Strength and Conditioning classes has made me excited. It has brought a passion to my training that I never thought possible and I am proud to be able to pass it on to you guy's and gals.
So, with all that said thanks to John, Raphael, Ben and Katy of the Crossfit Football crew for your hard work and leaving the friendly and not nearly as hot confines of southern California.

Central crew with the football crew. Typical Big Mike!

Australian TV Exposes Fluoride as Poison

Guess where you fluoride comes from? China!

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