My Classes

Olympic Weightlifting/Strengh Classes:

You have your people that train to look good, your people that train for their sport and people that train to be strong and powerful just for the f@#k of it. I have the privilege of being around a group of people that have sought me out to be trained in the art of power. I know many of you have heard of our new Red Black Gym and all the cool toys we have there. This group of people get to utilize huge tires, Olympic weightlifting platforms, sledge hammers, and lovely canvas bags full of gravel. Oh yes, and kegs (but not full of beer kegs)!

What we do at RED BLACK GYM.....

The program is 2 days a week and is limited to only 10 people per class.
$200/per month
Monday/Wednesday 6:45am
Monday/Wednesday 12pm

Monday/Wednesday 5:15pm
Monday/Wednesday 6:15pm
*Each Class Time is Limited to only 10 People

CrossFit Classes:

NOTE: You must complete Elements before signing up for a CrossFit Class. Click Here to find out more about Elements

    All of my classes are at the Burnet Road location

    Tuesday/Thursday 5:30am

    Tuesday/Thursday  6:15am

    Tuesday/Thursday  7:00am

    Tuesday/Thursday  12:15pm

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    Relentless Bootcamp:

    What is Relentless Bootcamp???

    IT'S TOUGH! We start with the universal warm all of our boot camper and gym athletes do with a few different twists. And then the fun stuff starts! Boot camps are an hour long and a least 50 minutes of it are non stop body weight movements along with med ball work, sprints and stairs thrown in the mix. If you want to get into tri shape, marathon shape or duathlon shape this is the training for you. Many of my boot camp athletes participate in these sports and use Relentless boot camps as their training method. So, I think that should tell you something right there. If you want to try one of my fun and challenging boot camps, or any one of our boot camp's visit for more info.