Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Boot Camp!!

Ya know , I've been thinking about why I love coaching boot camps for a while. It's not hard for me to know why, I just haven't written it down for others to see and read. Boot camps have helped me grow in so many way's. It is quite astounding. I remember the first time I went to a Crossfit Central boot camp to help Jeremy. I had no idea what to expect or what to do. I followed Jeremy around for about two months, learning the warm up, coaching cues and things like that. I probably wasn't ready to coach my own, but Jeremy insisted we needed an evening boot camp and I needed to start it.
So I met a young man by the name of Vic at Deep Eddie park and I started to put him through boot camp, just me and him. If it wasn't for UTB's he wouldn't have come. This was a little over two years ago. So, fast forward to now, I coach three boot camps four days a week with thirty people all over Austin, Tx. LCRA boot camp, Bridge Point boot camp and LCRA Corp. boot camp. But the whole point of me writing this is to share with you why I love coaching you guys.
For starters, I get to meet new people and have a positive influence in there lives. It's crazy to me that people look up to me and seek my guidance and opinion. And it's not just about coaching, but life and friendships. For any of you that have spent time away from crossfit with me and have gotten to know me must know that I am a political junky and readily share my opinions, and I do. I love to get to know everyone outside of just training and talking politics or sports. It is fun and it's all light hearted. I have developed a relationship with all of my boot campers and regularly talk with all of them ether on the phone or through email. I also know may of the boot campers have made friends with each other and regularly hang out out side of boot camp. And some of us have been known to go out and take advantage of some of the good watering holes around Austin. So aside from all the positives everyone gets from the boot camps, we develop friendships and learn how to push each other and encourage one another.
So, there are some of the reasons I enjoy coaching boot camps so much. I get to meet wonderful and inspiring people and get to see them change there lives and be apart of it. I hope for some of you sitting on the fence trying to decide if you should come to a boot camp take what I've said here and consider all the positive I just mentioned. It could very easily change your life and meeting you will most likely play a role in mine.
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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The New Month Is Here

The new month is upon us, the air will be getting cooler hopefully and the days are starting to get shorter. So if your still on the fence about joining boot camp, GET OFF!! The time is now to change your life, feel better and meet new people. I don't want to hear how it's to early, it's to hot, I don't have time, hog wash!! Boot camp IS a challenge, sometimes IT does hurt and yes it is hot but so what. Getting yourself back into shape isn't easy, or trying something new can be a challenge, you just have to want it bad enough. Do you? Lets find out, boot camps are under way but it is not to late for you. Go to crossfitcentral.com and come and join me. If one of my boot camps doesn't fit your schedule then find one that does. All that matters is you make that first step to changing your life. Hope to see you there.
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