Wednesday, August 25, 2010

You're Gonna Be Missed

So Pam has been coming to our 5:30am Tuesday/Thursday indoor class for six months and it has been nothing but fun times! She is an amazing athlete and very easy to coach at the same time. That makes her a pleasure to have in class, an instant leader and inspiration to the people around her. Pam has aspirations of tackling a monumental challenge that is going to require a different kind of training and at crazy times. So she is going to be leaving us for a while so she can fulfill her dream of becoming an Iron (Wo)Man!
Here is a little snippet about her time at Central and in our Tuesday/Thursday class.
Gonna miss you Pam and make sure you come back to us after you accomplish your dream!

Pam on the attack!

I started crossfit at Central on March 2nd, 2009 in Lance and JDP's MWF 5:30am class (now Big Mike's..I believe). Well, every year since 2001 I have ran the full Austin Marathon (which I will continue to run until I'm the age of 72 bc my very first marathon a 72 yr old man beat me and I want to beat a 22 year old when I'm 72!). Anyways, this means marathon training with the Gazelle's is the end of Sept through Feb. and it's MWSat at 5:30am so because of training you allowed me to join your 5:30am crew. I fell in love with them. They excepted me right away, just like you. You as my coach: I love your intensity. Whether it's a look or words you know how to push us. You know how to have fun (the jokes, the rants) but when you mean business, you mean business. You give us that tough love but we all know that you care deeply about us and our improvements. I've enjoyed your 5:30am class and you as a coach so much that when marathon season was over I didn't want to go back to MWF crossfit schedule.

Why I love Central: classes are always prompt, I love how all coaches are on the same page...promoting the next big thing, uplifting clients goals and dreams, speaking positive about life, and walking the walk!

As for crossfit and me: I am a better athlete because of it. I am a stronger runner, cyclist and swimmer. Shoot, I can honestly say that this has been the strongest I've been physically since high school (and I plan on getting stronger!) I feel that I have always been mentally strong but crossfit does fuel that strong mental power in my head. It doesn't allow the dumb "I can't" weeds to creep in my mind.

Since March 2009 till now: I started from jumping pull ups to now regular pull ups, from wimpy weights to RX, from push ups on my knees to regular push ups, from 1-3 reg box jumps then step ups to continuous box jumps, and the list goes on. I love crossfit!

I am doing a swim clinic now along with CF. The swim clinic will continue until mid Sept. Sept. 20th I start my marathon training with Gazelle's (MWSat) along with CF (T/TH) and I will add in a swim class (F). Starting in Nov. I will start all my Ironman training. I will hire a coach (already found one that I'm compatible with) and be part of an Ironman training group (T3) but I will also continue with Gazelle's until I run the Austin marathon in Feb. Starting in November - May my weeks will be filled with running, cycling and swimming with 1-2 CF workouts somewhere in there.

Since my contract is up with Central tomorrow I decided that this is a good time to jump into Woodward. This is going to workout with my time, schedule and financially.

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Hey, Got a Licence To Grow That Food?

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