Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I Am Crossfit Is Back

It's that time of year again! I Am Crossfit is in its third year and is pitting the gyms against each other in the I Am Crossfit Civil War. We really aren't going against each other, but the success of Crossfit Central and the expansion that has happened has allowed each of the gyms to have their own teams. I Am is an awesome challenge and is prefect for the first of the year.
We always go strong at Crossfit Central so it being the first of the year really doesn't matter to most of us. BUT, it is still a great time to kick off a challenge because most everyone does recognize the first of the new year can be a time to refocus and start anew.

For the first time while coaching our I Am team, I will actually participate with the team. I am having my body comp done and will food log and post for everyone on the team to see. I will also be posting my goals for everyone to see here in the near future. I am pretty juiced about this and know I will find great success just like the rest of the athletes on our team.
Just so everyone knows, the athletes on the team are participating in an eight week challenge. They are required to food log, do extra workouts along with their regular CrossFit classes and have goals for the challenge. I Am is a great way to kick off the new year and I have seen it change people's lives! I am going to be posting every ones victories here throughout the challenge so be looking for that.
The pic below is of the team after our goal setting meeting at Central which got every one excited for the next eight weeks.

Ok ladies and gentleman I have my body comp results and I am not surprised.
First the results:
Weight: 200
Body Fat: 21%....ouch!
Neck 16, Shoulders 45.5, Chest 39, Bicep-right 13.9 Left 13.9, Waist 36.25, Hips 38, Mid thigh-right 24.25 Left 23.5, Calf-right 15 Left 14.75
So, about three months ago, I added Raw Milk to my diet. I take it post workout with my protein shake. Since that time I put on close to 15 pounds and my butt and thighs have grown...well a lot!
But, to be fair to myself, my strength has gone way up! Snatch has jumped 25lbs and clean and jerk by 15lbs. I back squat 380lbs for reps and rounds. 400lbs for reps and rounds is right around the corner. I have to admit I like the strength gains and the flab around the waist has got to go! I have already started logging my food with my I Am group and since last week dropped a legit 5lbs. I have cut my raw milk with protein intake to three time's a week and have bumped up my veggie intake quit a bit. I have also cut my protein portions almost in half and practice intermediate fasting four days a week. I don't necessarily want to cut weight and I say it again, my body fat must come down! I am fine tuning my goals and will post them just as soon as they are done.

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