Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Two Sports Compliment Each Other

You all have read several other post I have asked Cindy to do and here is another. If you are new to Crossfit or an OG, you are very familiar with the fact that the Olympic lifts are all over Crossfit WODs. They range from cleans, power snatch, and everything in between. She was kind enough to share her experience with the combination of the two practiced separately and what they have done for Crossfiting.
Hope you enjoy the video and her view on things.

Olympic Lifting Reignited My Crossfit

When Coach Zachary Thiel asked me if and how Olympic Lifting has helped my Crossfit, I had to think about it for a while-not because there wasn't a benefit, but because the effects have been numerous and gradual. I've been Crossfitting for nearly three years, and I added Olympic Lifting to my schedule in the fall of 2011. Before starting Olympic Lifting, I was doing Crossfit-style workouts both at the gym and at home, but was frustrated because I felt like I was losing strength and burning out. I turned to my coach for help. Zach suggested I change up my routine. And when I told him I wanted to get stronger, he suggested I add Olympic Lifting. Olympic Lifting is focused and we practise variations of the same lifts with an eye on form, rather than speed. In the months since I added this repeated focus to my workout schedule, I have noticed some awesome changes.


The most awesome benefit is that I'm stronger. Overhead strength has always been tough for me, but I'm finding I can lift more than ever before. Just the other day I did a power jerk at 90lbs. I've never done that before. But the weight has edged up all-around. I've been able to increase the weight I use in many of the Crossfit WODs , because I'm stronger overall.

Efficiency and Speed

Olympic Lifting is not just about lifting heavy weight-it's about lifting it efficiently, and that requires excellent form. I had no idea how bad my form was before I started the class. I just didn't practice the lifts enough to improve. Olympic Lifting is all about consistently practicing the basics and tweaking the tiniest movements. Even though I still have a long way to go, I feel I've made significant improvements in my form. That definitely helps me perform better in the Crossfit WODs, because I move more quickly and efficiently at a higher weights.

Body Awareness

One thing I've also noticed is how I feel more confident and stronger with exercises we do in Crossfit that seemingly have nothing to with Olympic Lifting. Because Olympic Lifting requires that I know how my body is moving at all times. I feel more body aware. And I really believe that has helped me improve my pull ups, push ups, squats, and handstand.

Olympic Lifting has been an incredible compliment to Crossfit in many ways. The best thing of all is that I’m finally back to making gains again in the gym, rather than struggling to keep up.

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