Monday, November 22, 2010

Success Plus New Toys

I would like to recognize Ashley for her success and all the hard work she has done in her time at Bridge Point Elementary Relentless boot camp. She wakes up at 5:30am for boot camp three days a week and goes to school as well. So nobody can question her dedication to her health. She also brings me her food log every Friday and is committed to changing her life. In four months she has lost 12.7 inches, 9.2 pounds, and 3.2% body fat. She is a testament to hard work and a willingness to change. Good job Ashley and keep up the good work!

Ashley is crushing it!

I also wanted everyone to know that kettle bells are now a part of the Bridge Point and Relentless boot camps and are a great addition to help put on muscle and create explosive energy. I KNOW that holiday parties are coming up and I KNOW you want to get a jump on your new years resolution. Boot camp is a great way to crush the holiday blues and to keep the weight away.The new month just started and the weather is good outside. Come check us out!

5:30am Bridge Point boot camp

Organic food can be more costly than its conventionally grown alternative, but your payoff of good health should more than make up for it – and reduce your overall health care costs in the future.

A new study in the Journal of the American Dental Association finds once again that, contrary to what most people have been told, fluoride is actually bad for teeth.

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