Monday, May 24, 2010

Must Get Stronger

For the past two month's Karen, Lory, and Andrew have been meeting with me once a week to work on strength, conditioning, skill work and on Olympic weightlifting. With the addition of the new SicFit gym I have exclusively moved all my small group and PT athletes into the ever evolving SicFit facility. Why does this matter you ask? Well....let me tell you. It's small, exclusive and I have access to Oly platforms and many other toy's. Oh...and it's bad ass! I had considered not doing the three on one trainings any longer but have found that I love it. I love getting to know the athletes, bonding and watching the progress all of you make right before my eyes. And with the new addition of the SicFit gym my training has gone to new levels. I have recently acquired my UnderGround Strength mentorship and have tweaked and modified my training abilities and love passing it on to you, the athlete.

With all that said, I am asking you the athlete how much you want to grow in your fitness and your ability? Do you want to see how far you can push it, gain strength and get stronger? I'm looking for three athletes that want these things. That want to improve, that want to get stronger and are willing to put themselves to the test. Are you that athlete? If so contact me at This is exclusively to the athlete that wants to improve and get stronger. So please don't contact unless you are willing to take it to the next level.

Pyongyang sees US role in Cheonan sinking
"James Bond Theories Arise in Korean Ship Sinking"

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Lory said...

I read your news links! I think you should start a class where you lecture on politics while we go through Burgener's warm up and Oly lifting- "Political Science and ZutFit"

Zachary Thiel said...

No one want's to hear me baffle on about politics. I just want people to see other perspectives. Besides...I would piss to many people off and they wouldn't want to come to class.