Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Making Gains

(125 kilo clean, new PR)

This past weekend Hyde Park Gym had a clean contest and tire flipping contest. It was an absolute blast testing myself against other crossfiters and people that do nothing but Olympic strength training. I set a PR for cleans at 125 kilos (275.5lbs) and flipped the 630lbs tractor tire 3 times. First time to flip a tire, so I wasn't too disappointed. I will say this, Olympic weightlifting has got to be my favorite type of lifting to do and has got to be one of my favorite things to coach. I just wish I would have found it when I was twenty years old.
Many of you may or may not know I am doing three on one Olympic weightlifting and strength specific training once a week for eight week sessions. The next session will begin in four weeks. If you are interested in joining the group or have any questions please email me at zacharythiel@crossfitcentral.com
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James said...

That's freakin awesome work dude!

Lisa said...

sweet picture!

ashley thiel said...

That is a pretty sweet pic!

Lydia said...

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Anonymous said...

congrats on the pr! keep in mind most, if not all, WODs can be done at hyde park gym. they've got bumper plates, rings, strongman stuff and lots more. check it out.