Monday, March 8, 2010

Great Success!

I Am Crossfit is officially over! But I have to officially give a BIG congratulations to James who took the challenge by the horns and absolutely slaughtered it. In eight weeks James managed to lose 5.8% Body Fat, 11.2 Inches, and 20.6 Pounds! He finished the WOD in 10:10! His previous attempt was a DNF with a 12 min cut off! James religiously logged his food, did the extra WOD's and then some. So congratulations James on a job well done. And I also want to say congratulations to all of my team. Everyone lost a percentage of body fat and everybody took time off of the I Am workout. It was a pleasure working with my whole team! Everyone took the challenge seriously and overcame everyday life to get their food logs to me as well as made it to the extra workouts we did on the weekends. Thanks guys for doing this and thanks Crossfit Central for putting on such a great event!

(James getting his jump on during one of our Sunday morning team workout's)


Barbara said...

EVERYONE worked their tails off but James was relentless. So much respect for this team!

James said...

Thanks, Zach. I appreciate your help and coaching through the challenge and every day in class a lot. Anyway, hopefully our team won the EPOC Challenge so we can celebrate as a group!