Saturday, March 20, 2010


Dave and Deb celebrated their two year boot camp anniversary this past January and are still going strong! The two of them have been married for over twenty years and decided they needed to get into shape together, and that's when they came into my life. Dave is one of the top dogs in boot camp and continuously raises the bar for everyone and Deb is constantly improving and pushing herself to new heights. It has been a pleasure to watch the two of them grow in their physical fitness journey and to get to know them as friends as well. Congratulations Dave and Deb!

For many of you that don't know I coach boot camp four days a week in west and central Austin. It is where I got my coaching start and have grown to love and enjoy it greatly. It allows me to be creative in the many ways I enjoy kicking peoples butts into shape and has also allowed me to meet many wonderful, hard working and dedicated people.
Many of the people I coach at Central ask what boot camp is all about, so I will try to explain a little, IT'S TOUGH! We start with the universal warm all of our boot camper and gym athletes do with a few different twists. And then the fun stuff starts! Boot camps are an hour long and a least 50 minutes of it are non stop body weight movements along with med ball work, sprints and stairs thrown in the mix. If you want to get into tri shape, marathon shape or duathlon shape this is the training for you. Many of my boot camp athletes participate in these sports and use Relentless boot camps as their training method. So, I think that should tell you something right there. If you want to try one of my fun and challenging boot camps, or any one of our boot camp's visit for more info.
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Jessica said...

Congrats to Deb and Dave! I love them and the LCRA bootcamp. That's where I got my intro into CrossFit over 2 years ago.
Zach, you're a great bootcamp coach! Anyone looking for a challenge should give it a try!

Mandy said...

Deb and Dave are encouraging, and I'm so glad I get to work out with them.

Zach, your bootcamp has changed my life, and I'm beyond blessed to have found you and CFC. Thank you for working so hard for us!

Zachary Thiel said...

You guy's have just as much as an affect on my life as you say I do on yours. It's a pleasure to have a hand in helping change an important part of your life. Thanks for the love!

Suzette said...

Deb and Dave...y'all rock! I love the fact that I get to work out along side y'all. Oh, and how do y'all take such a cute picture after working out? LOL!

Zach, I totally agree with Mandy. I know I've been stubborn, I appreciate you sticking with me and giving me that extra nudge to make positive changes. *Insert big cheesy smile here*