Wednesday, January 27, 2010


This past weekend a team of Crossfit Central coaches attended Advocare Success School in Ft. Worth. As many of you know we at Crossfit Central endorse, share, and use Advocare supplements. Not only is Advocare used to enhance your athletic performance in a safe and natural way but it is an essential way to get the minerals and vitamins your body needs. Over time our foods have lost the vital minerals and vitamins we need to live a long and healthy life because they have been depleted from our soil and bred out.

"It's a fact. Our soils are depleted and depleted soils do not produce healthy, nutrient-rich plants." Straight out of the mouth of Dr. Richard Drucker, PhD. The answer "If our soils and crops are lacking essential minerals, it's necessary to supplement our diets if we are to achieve true wellness." This is where Advocare steps in. I'm not saying it is the only supplements you should be taking, but Advocare is high quality and I have actually met the men and women who formulate the supplements. I'm also not saying you can eat what ever your little heart desires and take Advocare and all is good, but with a well maintained diet and exercise along with Advocare you will be ahead of the pack.

(Carey Kepler, Tommy Hackenbruck, Lindsay Smith, Jeremy Thiel)

This pic was taken this past weekend of some of the top Crossfit athletes in the world. 2009 women's third place finisher Carey Kepler and fifth place finisher Lindsay Smith. 2009 men's second place finisher Tommy Hackenbruck and sixteenth place finisher Jeremy Thiel. All of these athletes use and believe in Advocare and what it does for there performance. Not only can it enhance your athletic performance, above all else, it can improve your overall health and wellness. I strongly suggest you do your research on the benefits of nutritional supplementation along with a healthy diet.

If you have any questions about Advocare and what it can do for you please contact me If you are ready to dive right in and get started go to

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