Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Video Evidence

Wanted to share video from the Olympic lifting meet at Woodward Crossfit put on by OK Weightlifting several weeks ago. In the video is a little kid I wanted to put on there because it's just cool. I love seeing little people getting into the sport because you just don't see that many and it's a sign the sport is growing. (Thanks CrossFit) On the video also is the one and only Emily Baker competing in in her first meet.
On my lifts the weight is as follows (side note, since the meet was not sanctioned we were given a fourth attempt) Snatch: 1st 90kilos 2nd 95kilos 3rd 98kilos 4th 100kilos missed
Clean & Jerk: 1st 113kilos 2nd 120kilos 3rd 125kilos missed 4th 125 missed
These small meets are exactly what I need to build my confidence and help prepare me for larger sanctioned meets. I encourage you all to leave a comment and tell me what you think.

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dru said...

That kid is pretty amazing (i mean you and em were too) - keep pushing it!