Monday, September 13, 2010

Come Rain or Shine

As many of you know last week was just a little bit rainy. Do you think that stopped 5:30AM Bridgepoint boot camp from getting it on? Hell No! If you have been to Bridgpoint Elementary they don't have a massive parking garage for a parking lot. So we just improvise and move on over to a parking garage not more than 100 yards from the school. So, rain or shine we can get a killer workout in!

If you didn't know I also coach boot camp. It's not something I often talk about on my blog but it is something I enjoy very much. I got my start with boot camp and think that I will always want to coach one. If you have never been to one of our Relentless boot camps I would suggest you try one. We are Relentless in our effort to get fit, and Relentless in our pursuit to be better athletes, be it weekend warrior or the consummate marathoner or triathlete. I also have several athletes from my crossfit classes that have made the jump to also include boot camp into their workout regiment. Some boot camp coaches incorporate kettle bells, and dumb bells. Some of us just like good ol fashioned body weight to get the job done. We all have our own style and that is what makes it fun. I find myself more keen on the body weight style while also incorporating med balls. It is a cardio delight!
If you want to give my Bridgepoint boot camp a try just contact me at I will let you try one free boot camp to see if it's for you.

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