Friday, July 9, 2010

Training For Power

Karen on her way to a new clean PR!

You have your people that train to look good, your people that train for their sport and people that train to be strong and powerful just for the f@#k of it. I have the privilege of being around a group of people that have sought me out to be trained in the art of power. I know many of you have heard of our new SicFit Austin Gym and all the cool toys we have there. This group of people get to utilize huge tires, Olympic weightlifting platforms, sledge hammers, and lovely canvas bags full of gravel. Oh yes, and kegs (but not full of beer kegs)!

Working the hanging DB muscle snatch.

Over the past year I have grown as a coach and my knowledge of different training styles has vastly improved. Some of you may say that we aren't really even crossfiting. I don't time them so we aren't really keeping score. I just simply write a list of exercises that promote power and skill and tell them to have at it. I let them rest when they need and don't expect them to go 150 miles an hour but because of their crossfit back ground they now how to push it. And we are seeing great results! New PR's, new pant sizes and goals met. I am grateful that I have a group of willing athletes that let me absolutely obliterate them. IF you like what you see, IF you are looking for a new experience with your training contact me. I love seeing people exceed their expectations and blow their own minds with their gains. I would love to help.

This Saturday at the SicFit Austin Gym we are putting on a friendly little competition. The workouts will be announced that morning and they will be fun!!!! Come test your skills and let's get it on!!
You can register here at the SicFit Austin site but do it quick. Only 2o spots availible.

As the United States Collapses, Media Worships LeBron James

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Looks like fun!

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