Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Playa! Playa!

Crystal McReynolds is a playa! All she does is get better and better. She was top twenty at the 08 Games and should be in the top three at the 09 Games. Crystal works her a** off and has the energy and strength to just keep going and that makes her a threat to take one of the top three spots. This girl just gets better and better and she has definitely gotten stronger with her olympic weightlifting so that automatically makes her a threat for a top spot. Look for Crystal to compete at high level, pushing through any of the events that are thrown at her. She has the ability to do things that most women can't and I expect her to put that on display this coming weekend. Get it Playa!
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Lion Heart said...

pimp pimp PLAYA PLAYA! no doubt Crystal has the ability and potential to be standing on the podium come this Sunday!

Webster M. Smith said...

The other husband of a fire-breather chimes in...

Go Crystal!! On the real though, I am praying for a friendly one two three finish for Carey, Crystal and Lindsey (Listed Alphabetically, of course). And if it is that close, I hope that we can all be friends afterward...haha.

Houston Sucks,