Tuesday, April 7, 2009

You Have The Power

It's crazy to me how I can have such strong opinions on darn near everything and not know what to blog about. If you haven't noticed I don't blog so much and it is because I don't always know how to put my thoughts into words or find a video that can explain what I believe beyond fitness or politics. This video does some of that for me. I do think that we create our own reality by what we think and that our thoughts manifest our realities. This has to do with everything in our lives, from fitness, to relationships, to work. You create your own happiness, or your own misery. Being a trainer I have the privilege to be involved in many people's lives. I hear many different reasons why someone can't do this or just excuse in general. I have to admit it frustrates me. You have all the power to change your life, to make things better for your self. Learn to change your thought proses, understand that you are in control. You make your life what it is by your thoughts and then how you react to them. I have to practice this every day and remind myself that I control my destiny. The same thing applies to you.

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