Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Training Video

This was shot last night at my coaches gym. Training has been kicked into over drive and I am mightily inspired! After my last meet in Ft. Worth I am hungry for massive gains and new PR's. I have picked up my training volume and am planning on lifting at 85kg at my next meet in May. This is going to require some serious eating clean and stepping up my supplementation. I made an Advocare order today and have my eyes set on eating clean.
As far as the video below, I set a PR for a snatch triple at 95kg. My technique is getting better and more consistent. Lifts I would have usually missed forward are now being made, pulling hard has now become more consistent. I now need to shore up my jerks and have several exercises I am doing weekly to make that happen.
It has now been one year since I dedicated all my training solely to Olympic Lifting. Since that time I have put 11kg on my snatch max and the same amount on my clean & jerk. I have visions of being a legitimate lifter and being competitive in the lifting world.

Just wanted to also throw out that I did the 12.2 Crossfit Games Open WOD last week and lit my lungs on fire! First Crossfit WOD in a year and got 63 snatches. My goal was to get to sixty without dying and everything else on top of that was gravy. Just thought I would share.


Travis Holley said...

You're a FAST muthaf@cker!!! Impressive!!!

Zachary Thiel said...

Thank you good sir! Practice pay's off.