Wednesday, December 31, 2008


The face of pain, gasping for air and wanting to quit. But guess what? I don't!! I continue to push through the pain and feel like a champ when I'm done. This is why I AM CROSSFIT! This pic was taken when we first moved into the new gym. I am at the peak of my fitness and am only moving up. Crossfit has changed my life and continues to shape it to this day. I've been crossfiting since September 2005 and have seen my body change, my mind get stronger and have helped change and shape the lives of many people along the way. When I first began my journey I was 205 pounds, slow and hadn't really worked out in two or three years. Jeremy, my little big brother, said he had something new for me to try. So, with my fat plump body I began my journey. In three months I dropped fifteen pounds and was on my way to California to get my first cert. and the rest is history.
I can only encourage you to work hard, push through the pain and consider what that fast processed food is doing to your body. Make the choice NOW to change your life!! All of us coaches are here for you, to push you, encourage you and be that person that can relate to and know how you feel. FYI, I'm going to post a nice pic of myself from my good round days so stay tuned. I AM CROSSFIT!!
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