Friday, July 27, 2007

Why Crssfit Boot Camp?

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I've been asked,"why should I do boot camp? I go to the gym, work up a sweat. I don't need to workout outside." Well if your worried about working out outside then your right. You don't need to come to boot camp, because you will get dirty, you will get bit by a mosquito, and you probably will get a sticker in your hand. And yes guys, you will probably get beat by a girl sometimes. But not to worry, it's about more than the sweat and bug bites. It's about competing with your self, pushing your self beyond what you thought you could. And you have others around you going through the exact same thing, wanting to quit and giving me the finger. You will build relationships and become friends with your fellow boot campers. In a way your soldiers in the same platoon, and I'm the captain making sure you get the job done right. Everyone pushes each other, encourages each other, and makes sure you get the job done.
The work outs are quick, multiple moves, and non stop. I promise you wont get bored and in the end you wont want it to be over, unless your laying in a pool of your own sweat and can't move because your thighs are on fire. So I pose the question, why not do boot camp? Answer, because you have never done anything like it, or pushed your self as hard. So with that said, I dare you to come try it out.

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